Annual Report 2018-2019

Dear m2m Family, Friends, and Supporters,

When mothers2mothers (m2m) was founded in 2001, it was the height of the AIDS epidemic. We were solely focussed on helping mothers and babies survive by preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV. But today, we know surviving is not enough to eradicate AIDS. We must also ensure that our clients have the opportunity to thrive—that they have the power to make healthy choices and overcome challenges that can cause vulnerability to HIV such as poverty, stigma, and gender inequality.

Last year, m2m was proud to provide services that support our clients to both survive and thrive, by contributing to the elimination of HIV and improving the health and wellbeing of women, children, and adolescents. By making thriving the new normal, we can defeat AIDS and create an Africa where people can dare to dream about a healthy, hopeful future, and see it become reality.

Among the highlights in this report—m2m achieved virtual elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV for five years in a row, with a transmission rate of just 1.3% in 2018. This remarkable impact is due to the support that m2m Mentor Mothers provide women to access treatment and stay in care. In 2018, 97% of our clients living with HIV were enrolled in treatment. Furthermore, 94% of our clients who started treatment for the first time were alive and adherent after a year.

m2m continued to play a key role in primary HIV prevention in 2018. Just 0.12% of the HIV-negative pregnant clients seen by a Mentor Mother contracted HIV. Effective prevention plus life-saving treatment and care will equal an end to the epidemic.

This year we also moved further in leveraging our model and the strong relationships Mentor Mothers build with their clients to deliver critical services that help entire families thrive. In 2018, we reached 30,775 children and caregivers through our integrated Early Childhood Development services, designed to help children reach their developmental potential. To address the persistent HIV epidemic among adolescents in sub-Saharan Africa, we enrolled 289,000 adolescents and young adults (aged 10-24) into our programme in 2018 (an 18% rise over 2017), equipping them with the skills and knowledge to keep them healthy and HIV-free.

We could not achieve so much impact without our generous donors, partners, Board Members and Trustees, staff, and friends. We are grateful for your support. By working together to build thriving communities, we can stop new HIV infections in their tracks and ensure healthy lives for those living with the virus. 

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Asante sana, Dankie, Enkosi, Ke a leboha, Natotela, Ndi a livhuhu, Ndza Khensa, Ngiyabonga, Ngiyathokoza, Nyanja, Obrigado, Siyabonga, Webale nyo, Zikomo...and Gracias...

Frank Beadle de Palomo

President & Chief Executive Officer


Evolving to meet the needs of our communities

m2m is committed to make healthy, thriving communities the new normal in sub-Saharan Africa—contributing to the United Nations Global Goals of ending AIDS, creating health​, wellbeing, and decent work for all, and achieving gender equality. 

We work with governments, local partners, and communities to:

Through our peer-based model, we employ and train women living with HIV as frontline health workers. These "Mentor Mothers" work both at understaffed health facilities and door-to-door in surrounding communities, providing health services, advice, and support so that women and their families receive the medical care they need.

From an initial focus on preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV when we began in 2001, m2m has evolved our tried-and-tested Mentor Mother Model. Mentor Mothers now provide a range of services for all stages of life so that women, children, and adolescents —our three core client groups—thrive, not just survive, and realise their dreams for a healthy, hopeful future.

The journey to achieve good health for all and eliminate HIV is a long one and requires us to walk side-by-side our clients for many years. m2m’s continued impact in 2018 highlights our ability to keep clients in care for the long term—helping them to start and access services, be adherent to any required treatment, and stay in care.


In 2018*, m2m...

is the mother-to-child HIV transmission rate among enrolled m2m clients—well below the 5% United Nations benchmark. This makes 2018 the fifth consecutive year we have achieved virtual elimination!

of infants born to m2m clients had their final HIV test at 18-24 months and received the results. This highlights how m2m is keeping our clients in care through the breastfeeding period, when 47% of infections occur.1

of the women we served who tested HIV-positive were initiated onto treatment, compared to a 93% benchmark in Eastern and Southern Africa.2

of our clients living with HIV who started antiretroviral therapy for the first time were alive and remained in treatment after a year, compared to a 75% retention rate in Eastern and Southern Africa at 12 months.3

of our clients living with HIV were adherent to their treatment more than 80% of the time, a critical threshold to achieving viral suppression.

of the HIV-negative pregnant women supported by a Mentor Mother contracted HIV, 30 times lower than a 2014 pan-African benchmark of 3.6%.4

children and caregivers benefitted from our integrated Early Childhood Development (ECD) services across four countries in 2018. This will be scaled further in 2019 and beyond.

adolescents and young adults (aged 10-24) were enrolled in our programme in 2018—an 18% rise over the previous year. This means that this key demographic now comprises approximately one-third of our client base. We have dedicated adolescent programming in Malawi, South Africa, Uganda, and Zambia—and plan to scale this further.


m2m had many reasons to celebrate in 2018. We embarked on a number of exciting new partnerships and projects, expanded our footprint, and shared our work around the globe. Scroll down to read the year’s highlights.

2018 Financials

mothers2mothers (m2m) is proud to report revenues of $21.65M for the year. This is a small decline from our 2017 revenue, largely due to timing issues with revenue recognition during the reporting period, however, we are satisfied with this outcome given greater political and economic uncertainty across the globe. We strongly expect revenues to increase again in 2019.

Geographic expansion and continued impact of our programme in 2018 was made possible by support from our long-time partners, including the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), which remains our largest funder. Funding diversity remains a key objective for m2m and our 2018 revenues also include significant funding from a wide range of donors, including the Bickerstaff Family Foundation, Cartier Philanthropy, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Johnson & Johnson.

m2m is committed to ensuring that financial resources are managed efficiently and effectively and is proud to see this reflected with 88% of our financial resources supporting programmes and programme activities, which means increased services for clients. To prepare for the tougher operating environment, m2m also conducted a comprehensive review of the organisation’s cost structure to identify opportunities for more cost-effective and efficient means of providing support to programmes moving forward. In addition, as committed to in 2017 as part of a three-year strategy, we continued to increase investment in our Global Resource Mobilisation capacity and reach in Europe and in North America.

The figures presented in this section are combined financial statements which are unaudited, however, our methodology and results for calculating combined totals was reviewed and approved by BDO. Separate audited financial statements for m2m’s three global entities (South Africa, U.K., and U.S.) are prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), U.K. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, and U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, and are available on our website,


mothers2mothers is grateful to our many partners and donors who support our work. Their generosity in 2018 helped transform the health and lives of hundreds of thousands of women, children, adolescents, and men across sub-Saharan Africa.  Thank you!

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mothers2mothers has a proven solution to keep moms alive, their babies HIV-free, and families healthy. They also have the capacity to deliver their solution at massive scale — exactly what’s needed to eliminate paediatric AIDS.
- Mulago Foundation


The m2m group is made up of three separate legal entities based in South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Each entity has its own Board of Directors. These Directors/Trustees** are comprised of a diverse group of individuals committed to the elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV, and creating healthy families and communities. 

The individuals in the below section serve on at least one of the three boards.

ZA = Members of South Africa Board of Directors
U.K. = Members of U.K. Board of Trustees
U.S. = Members of U.S. Board of Directors

Board Chairs

Dr. Mitch Besser (ZA)
Interim Chair, m2m SA
Founder, m2m

Colin Freund (U.S.)
Chair, m2m U.S.
CEO, MODRA Pharmaceuticals

Carl Stewart (U.K., U.S.)
Chair, m2m U.K.
Global Head of Hedge Funds Coverage, HSBC 

Laura Bartlett (U.S.)
Vice Chair, m2m U.S.
Retired Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operations Officer

I am so proud to be part of an organisation that is transforming women’s lives. Not only is mothers2mothers supporting women and their families to stay healthy and thrive, it is creating economic empowerment opportunities for women living with HIV who are often marginalised. The Mentor Mother Model is a win, win, win—for women living with HIV, their families, and the communities in which they live.
- Laura Bartlett

Carolina Manhusen Schwab (U.K.)
Vice Chair, m2m U.K.
Economist and Philanthropist

What impresses me about mothers2mothers is it is having a real, measurable impact on the lives of the women and families it serves. The data show it is delivering on its vision of a healthy, HIV-free Africa, where women and families thrive. It is exciting to witness this progress and be part of creating a truly HIV-free generation.
- Carolina Manhusen Schwab

Board Members

The Reverend Canon Chris Ahrends (ZA)
Anglican Church of Southern Africa 

Neal Baer, M.D. (U.S.)
Executive Producer

Leslie Brunner (U.S.)
Chief People Officer, Devoted Health

Lynn Cornelissen (ZA)
Medical Officer/Sub Investigator, Stellenbosch University’s Family Clinical Research Unit

As a doctor in South Africa, I've seen women living with HIV get lost in the system, stopping their treatment and follow-up care. The work mothers2mothers is doing to support women and families—to access vital health services and retain them in care, is making a major difference. m2m’s model has proven that we can eliminate HIV transmission, improve the health of our families, and ensure that everyone has access to the care that they need.
- Lynn Cornelissen

Dr. Tim Evans (U.K.)
Medical Director, Grace Belgravia

Colleen Hancock (U.S.)
Advisor and Mentor

Marigo Kehoe (U.K.)
Executive Producer 

Derek Lubner (ZA, U.K.)
Marketing Director, Innovate Services Limited 

Herschelle Milford (ZA)
Organisational Development Consultant

Terry D. Peigh (U.S.)
Senior Vice President, Managing Director, Interpublic Group (IPG)

Meena Ravella (U.S.)
Advisor & Consultant

Mojisola Rotibi (U.S.)

Kate Schachern (U.S.)
Partner, Rabin Martin

Boitumelo Semete-Makokotlela, PhD, MMFI (ZA)
CEO, South African Health Products Regulatory Authority

Contact Us

Global HQ: mothers2mothers South Africa
33 Martin Hammerschlag Way, 5th Floor, Foreshore
Cape Town, South Africa 8001
office: +27 (0)21 466 9160
contact: [email protected]

Europe: mothers2mothers U.K.
office: +44 (0) 203 867 7120 
contact: [email protected]

North America: mothers2mothers U.S.
office: +1 (646) 808 3431 
contact: [email protected]

To engage with us or support us, please contact:
Emma France

Global Development and Strategic Engagement Director
[email protected]
La Chenna Cromer
Business Development Director
[email protected]

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* m2m 2018 Routine Evaluation

Disclaimer: mothers2mothers strives to provide accurate performance data. Our data quality and routine monitoring and evaluation systems are regularly reviewed and updated. We benchmark and validate internal data though external evaluations and data quality assurance processes. National and site comparisons often rely on public domain data; mothers2mothers has no control over the quality of such data. As m2m tracks mother-baby pairs, each pregnancy is catalogued as a new client in our PMTCT program, potentially cumulatively leading to a higher count for adult women clients.

** mothers2mothers South Africa, mothers2mothers (U.K.) Limited, and mothers2mothers U.S. are separate, nonprofit organisations, governed independently.

mothers2mothers is registered as mothers2mothers South Africa NPC under Section 10 of the South African Companies Act 2008 (Reg Number: 2002/013453/08) and as a South African nonprofit and public benefit organisation (Number: 930000109).

mothers2mothers is registered in the United Kingdom as mothers2mothers (U.K.) Limited, a charity registered with the U.K. Charity Commission (Number: 1119721).

mothers2mothers is registered in the United States as mothers2mothers International Inc., a nonprofit organisation under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code in the United States of America (EID: 30-0545760).



2 UNAIDS 2018

3 Ibid 

4 Drake et al, "Incident HIV during Pregnancy and Postpartum and Risk of Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis" (2014). Published at: