2019 Annual Report

Dear m2m Family, Friends, and Supporters,

Resilience is Brilliance is the theme of our 2019 Annual Report. That’s because resilience is one of the key ingredients to making our mission—achieve healthy, thriving families and an end to paediatric AIDS—a reality. 

Resilience has been critical in the fight against the global HIV/AIDS pandemic. I witnessed this in 1985 in Oakland and San Francisco, California, when I served some of the earliest communities ravaged by HIV. Rather than letting fear and devastation win, communities harnessed their resilience which swelled into the most incredible united, global action focused on finding solutions and turning the tide of the pandemic. This resilience has inspired my lifelong career committed to achieving an HIV-free future, and why I feel so fortunate to witness the power of resilience each and every day at m2m.

The women employed at m2m as frontline health workers are personifications of resilience. They have found the strength to overcome their own challenges—including testing positive for HIV and confronting stigma and discrimination—and through employment, have attained even more control of their lives and futures. As m2m Peer Mentors, they now generously share their experiences, skills, and knowledge with women and families in their communities, supporting them to overcome obstacles and access the vital health services they need.

As our 2019 impact data demonstrate, m2m’s peer approach continues to improve the health and wellbeing of women and families by stopping new HIV infections among children and adults in their tracks, and ensuring individuals living with HIV are tested, started on treatment, retained in care, and achieve viral suppression. It makes me so proud that m2m has achieved virtual elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV for the 6th year in a row, with a transmission rate of 1.9% in 2019, well below the United Nations benchmark of 5%. Ninety-nine percent (99%) of women we served who are living with HIV accessed lifesaving treatment—substantially higher than an 85% benchmark in Eastern and Southern Africa.

Yet, stopping HIV is just the start. We use our lifecycle approach and strong relationships with families and communities to go beyond a narrow focus on HIV, providing services at key stages of life. In 2019, m2m reached 27% more adolescents (aged 10-19) and 20% more children (aged 3-9), compared to 2018. Furthermore, 94% of our early childhood development clients achieved all their developmental milestones at one year of age.

We are so grateful to our generous donors, partners, board members and trustees, staff, and friends who help make this impact possible. Thank you for standing shoulder to shoulder with Peer Mentors and supporting them to create healthy, thriving communities and an HIV-free future across Africa.

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Asante sana, Dankie, Enkosi, Ke a leboha, Medaase, Natotela, Ndi a livhuwa, Ndza Khensa, Ngiyabonga, Ngiyathokoza, Obrigado, Siyabonga, Webale Nnyo, Zikomo, and Gracias…


Frank Beadle de Palomo
President & Chief Executive Officer

When taking into account the economic, social, and health challenges facing sub-Saharan Africa, it is no surprise why it is one of the most health-compromised regions in the world—with the greatest number of new HIV infections, the highest maternal and child mortality rates, and a surge of non-communicable diseases (such as hypertension and diabetes). That leaves many women and families struggling against all odds to survive, let alone thrive.   

These challenges include….  

m2m strives to foster and build the resilience of the women and families we serve. At the heart of our efforts are the women we employ as Mentor Mothers, who embody what it means to be resilient. They have overcome their own challenges, including testing positive for HIV, and now lead by example—showing their clients that they are neither powerless nor alone, and inspiring them to take control of their health and their future. Armed with greater resilience, women and families have a better chance of navigating challenges in their lives, making healthy choices, and thriving. 

m2m builds resilience through... 

Our commitment to deliver health, hope, and an HIV-free future across sub-Saharan Africa starts with ending HIV. In 2019, we demonstrated our continued success in stopping new HIV infections in their tracks for both children and adults, and ensuring people living with HIV are tested, started on treatment, retained in care, and achieve viral suppression. 

Yet we do not stop there. We use our lifecycle approach and strong relationships with families and communities to go beyond a narrow focus on HIV, providing services at all stages of life. At m2m, ending HIV is just the start... healthy, thriving families and communities across sub-Saharan Africa is our vision for the future. 

Below are highlights from our 2019 Annual Programme